Parent-Toddler Classes

Montessori with Love was established to educate, involve parents and inspire using Montessori ideas and principles. 

The carefully prepared environment is set up in a way for your child to work with minimal intervention from adults. During a Parent-Toddler Class you can stand back, observe and help your child only when he asks for it. 

During a session I use English or French, depending on an individual child.

Children from 16 months to 3 years

Each child accompanied by an adult

1.5-hour class

5 children per group

Children are free to work with Montessori activities in different areas such as food preparation, language, fine and gross-motor skills, music, self-care, art. At this age a lot of developmental progress is happening, children enjoy discovering things that surround them. 

Parent-Toddler Classes are here to inspire and help you to guide your child to independence while respecting his own pace of learning. It also gives you an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded parents.

You can learn about Montessori, get parenting tips, read a book from the Montessori with Love library, be present with your child and enjoy the moment.


Sign-up online.

To ensure optimal Montessori experience I highly recommend that you and your child attend the classes regularly.